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Thursday, 9 September 2010

Eyes That See

For the man crowned..
And rooted on cherry tops..
Silver cutlery and china plates..
Golden rails and chandeliers...

To show as grand, in gestures made...
Sat in palanquins, walked on carpet..
Ate from plates and saw no butcher..
Never saw sight of the crust of men..

This is in class regard, of status stand..
Like the haves and the have nots..
While culture comes to play a part..
In what it is, they do as tradition..

And even though they speak..
The same form in tongues..
Nonetheless such sentences formed..
Cast space gaps of cannons wide..

Until such time, when all men go back..
Between a wash and clothing wear..
When man is seen in birthing clothes..
Just then, just in that moment,..
Are all men the same in the eyes that see..

And vanity is not with value  
From what it is that one owns 
And life is not defined in that regard 
I just saw you naked  
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