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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

In 3D

The red and blue lens, in sight seen..
Says even in 3D, ..
Dimensional to projections..
There are two sides to a coin..

And I toss mine up ..
Hope holds weights of gravity..
In thinking to manifest..
In projection's stands..

So in 3D, I see clear, ..
Still knowing, a coin has two sides..
Like the wise man's words ..
Like Sean and John..lol.."jokes"..

Like the south and north pole.. 
To give I, a gravitation pole..
On solid grounds I stand firm..

With my options, laid clear before I..
Stages set, for steps taken..
Arise and shine, sunshine!..


  1. nice and good blog i like it and i found it after 2 years i visit many blog but it is best,
    well done.

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  3. Very beautiful Kodjo...:)

  4. A different dimension to look at...
    well done!


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