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Saturday, 25 September 2010

Free Verse,

Get a rush,..
Get a rush, rush, rush,..
Get a  weeeeeeeeee rush,..
Make a move, make it move, step it up,..  
Hit the hi high note...

Make it count, down, ten,..
Make it count, count, count..
Make a run, make it spin, dancing chairs,..
And we run, round around...

Then stop. ha! Hammer time,..
Make it stop,nope to the top, yep
Make it stop to the music, music beat,..

And it skips, dancing chairs, take a seat,...
If you still, still standing up, then you out, with a blink,..
Blank, make a run, run round, get a rush, dash,..
Move, fast, make it count, step it up..
Make it count now, now..

Make it count, to the bolt, and we flying, ha high,..
Now, I know, to the sky, heaven knows,..
Wow, make it run, hallelujah  
Make it rush, jet, propel, paw!, pass..

Did you, come down, here,..
Did you come, with a dancing shoes on,..
Did you come, did you come
Then do the, moon, moon walk,..
Michael Jackson, rest in peace ..
Do the moon, moon walk,..

Shake it off, watch the dj, do his thing,..
And the dancing floor, is alive, everybody doing,..
The do, do, 1,2  and a 1,2 step, step, step it up, tribal dance..
To the left, to the right , shake a leg,..
Move your butt, pump your shoulders,..

Here we go, go again,..
Dancing chairs! take a seat,..
If you still, standing up, then you out,..
Va mous, va va voom, voom, vooooom,..

Do the walk, walk of shame,..
I knew a boy, once called Shemas,...
He was just , just so shameless,..

Brave heart, he said, this and that..
Dust, dirt, don't stick, just brush it off,..
Brush it off, off your shoulders,..
Like a, Friday feel, of the week, ..
For  a friday, zeal.. 

But then you standing,..
So is your turn, term, time, now,..
Tap, rap, dance, bogey, to the bar,..
Get the drinks, it's your run,...
Run round around..

And it is all just for jokes..
Enjoy the weekend Peeps..
Stay blessed, peace, I am out!..


  1. Talk about a RUSH .... your Magpie is just that! Great.

  2. That was the longest fun poem Ive read and here we have an extra long weekend too!!

    Have a great weekend!!

  3. wow.
    what an incredible flow...
    lovely humor.

  4. You have rhythm, my friend! (a rhyme crime? love it)

  5. Whheewww!! Wit wit witty!!
    Now take a turn there..
    And here we are..
    back to more witty fun!

    En-en-enjoyed your take on the Magpie!! :)) It was super cool!
    Have a fantabulous weekend, my friend..

  6. What a rambunctious magpie! I have a 15-year-old cat trying to sleep in my lap and she is quite perturbed at my moving and swaying in time to your poem. :)


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