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Friday, 17 September 2010

An Old Cliche

The softest of arms; smack, bang, wallops..
Can deliver, the swiftest of strikes..
The humble candle light, thatched, torched..
Can bring down an empire in burns "Curtains" ..

And it is said, in old tales..
That one should be, must be careful..
In care taken, with the smallest of cuts.. "infestation"
In the jungle's amazon, for it can kill "one-time, no joke"..

Single drops of trickle, dribble, sipping ..
Can fill a whole tank, in buckets full..
And thus flood a house to sink..
While stitches in time saves nine "mouse holes"..

Is the last straw to be blamed for breaking the camel's back..
Or the first that ever was, first strike..
And a maggot infestation..
Starts with a rotten carcass "something stinks" ..

To the age old cliché..
Of a word to the wise is enough..
Does one know, enough said..
Before the "had I known".."Always with hindsight"

And thus a question is asked..
Have we been here before spooky feelings..
Like deja vu, in "cliché " an old "cliche' "..
Opps! off goes the wee-seal; "again" ..

Relate, reflect, resound, resonate..
And it goes like this, like that, like;..
And another one, and another one..
If you don't know, now you know "facts finding"
Its a riddle , in riddle, of riddles .."riddle, riddle" 


  1. dynamic and vivid,

    your wisdom of words will not go unnoticed.

  2. ha. as much fun as you had in this...off goes the weasel...smiles....there is wisdom there as well...if deja vu what did we not learn the last time?


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