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Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Man In The Mirror

I wanna be, just like you..
When I grow up, just like you..
When I wake up, just like you..
When I say words, just like you..
With so much confidence, just like you

I wanna walk, just like you,..
A slight bend to the left, just like you,..
I wanna be, just like you,..
Just as popular, just like you 
When people look, just like you..

When I go stunting, just like you,..
When I am loved, just like you..
Like a legacy to be had..
My ambition progressions stand..
In the mirror, just like you..

Hey look,..
I am looking at you..
Just like you, looking at me..
I mean; nah you, me looking at you..

Nah me looking at me, you in the mirror..
Just like you, just like me..
Me, you just like me...
I am the man in the mirror 
To have noticed me 

Picture By :http://www.smileto.ca/index.php?showimage=169


  1. Looking into the mirror can be both illuminating and confusing sometimes. Happy One Shot! Glad you signed up.

  2. like that one!
    first i thought it's about a boy who wants to be like his father or his big brother…but then...

  3. That Narcissistic turn towards the end was clever. Nice One Shot!

  4. i like that..and i like the photo..great piece..cheers pete

  5. I love the swivel in this poem. I'm looking behind me in front back again.
    Where can I look? Up???

    Nice one for One shot - thanks

    Moon smiles

  6. I like mirrors. It reflects that. Obviously! :D

    I am happy to be a part of One Shot Wednesday!

    Here is what I offer:

    commas in the pauses

    Also you too are welcome to get aboard the Poetry Train on Monday mornings!

  7. Thank you for adding a link back to my site for the photograph =)


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