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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Death of Anarchy

I am no coward, believe me;..
I have faced, the hands that be.. 
The establishment order  
Made my stand and paid the price,.. 
In ways like, "keep the change"..
With my head, held high "keep the change"

I am a rebel, ..
I believe in an ideology, a  Marxist.. 
Yet,  at night into day, day break..
I conform to the establishment's order..

The status quo, like using the currency .. 
Of the Three Masons, for fruits and veg..
And bus pass too, phone calls 

For my hands are tied..
On bills to be paid ..
Fearful of the brown envelopes.. 

Butter in currency, in trade, 
For the wheel to move on survival guide 
Bureaucracy in classiest states  ..

Watched the old  Black beret  
Red star attached, revolutions  
Trade in trading places   
With the West in symbols, 
The market, the greed..

So what became, of the flower power ..
As liberals transform, into the far right..
And few go as far as standing on stages..
We once burnt down, in protest ..

Politicians will never change..
Handshakes seals signs..
Symbols of the transformation..
They preach, like hallow souls..

In my heart, I am a rebel ..
A renegade, a Marxist..
In reality, I have to pay my bills..
Truth be told, they are mounting up  

Call it my 40 days in the desert..
Till I am liberal, financially liberated .. 
In the true sense, of the word..

Not forced to live in the woods as free
And my chequescash books 
Checks and measures; 
Bill do balance in the black  

Who dare, blurs the line 
Of anarchy, with 9 to 5
Who, who; tell me who did,
In rebellious suits..

Not constraint by situations ..
Circumstance, reality ..
And Kings of the day ..
Demand their cut..

Offspring's ; ..
Demand their birth right. ..
Their feed, their warmth..
And my night bed is sacrificed ..

Candle I burns on both sides 
Ends in the middle.. 
Hoping there was more hours in the day 

In my heart, I am a renegade ..
"Excuse me, while I put the kids to bed
School starts, early tomorrow"...
Weekend food shopping to be made 

In my heart, I am a rebel..
At one with the course and this, thus becomes.. 
The reincarnation of  anarchy's death 

Viva la revolucion 
And it shall not be televised 
Sorry folks, something to do 
With the TV license not being paid
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  1. I related strongly to this, in my own weird way, particularly love the lines: "In my heart, /I am a rebel ../
    A renegade, a Marxist../
    In reality, I have to pay my bills"

    Clever, fun, thought-provoking, timely, all that smart-minded complimentary stuff. Thanks for making me feel like breaking some moldy molds, my friend. :)

  2. If we did what they did in the 60s we would be terrorists.
    this is a passionate piece my friend

    Hold on to that spirit - and use your words / ya never know

    Thanks for sharing with One Shot

    Moon smiles

  3. oh to be a rebel, if only we could loose the constraints...smiles. wonderful write...nice one shot...

  4. We certainly need rebels nowadays. Strong words. Nicely done.

  5. Your poem is is both real and idealistic; presenting the obstacles of one and the need for rethinking failing old notions. Great One Shot, Kodjo! cheers

  6. Overthrow Anarchy!

    Nice One Shot, Kodjo!

  7. not easy to bind this together - think we are all rebels in one way - and then there's everyday life that seems to bury lots of our idealism - you found cool words for this struggle

  8. I am a conformist rebel. My old friend calls me the only true revolutionary he has ever met. He says I strike people as not quite right "past 60, with braided hair and carrying a purse covered in bluebonnets" It never comes out right, no matter how you pursue it..rebellion seems to run off to the side; but you did a great capture here. Thanks, Gay @beachanny

  9. Very nice verse and I enjoyed it....

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay


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