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Thursday, 2 September 2010

Costumes I Wear: A trusted friend

Every morning you sit and wait..
Sometimes with crease, sometimes without..
Sometimes well ironed and hanged..
Sometimes folded placed in drawers ..
But every morning you wait on me..

You wrap me up..
You hold me with embrace..
You keep me warm..
You give me, strength and confidence to carry on..

You place a persona..
On my shoulders to wear..
And I play the characters you choose,..
Every morning at the start of day...

Every day I sit with confidence, in suits I wear 
And at 40 a leather jacket, to take me through 
My mid life crises, like a prescription from the doctor..
Every morning you wait on me..

When tempers flare and sweat engulfs..
My flooded skin, my armpit flood..
You suck it in and dry me out..
Every morning, you wait on me..

When pressure mounts..
In spots lights drawn..
And apprehension sneaks in 
You sit with me, you stay with me 

You wrap me up, not letting go..
You hold me tight..
Till the end of day, you never leave..
You are a friend, a trusted friend 
Every morning you wait on me..
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  1. We depend on our clothes to make us look good as well as keep us covered from the elements, something we take for granted.

  2. i like pace a persona on the shoulder, goes to show we are not just what we eat, we are also what we wear

    Princess Vadar

  3. I enjoyed the way your words made the clothes come to life. It is true...what we wear is who we are and how we feel..nice work


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