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Sunday, 12 September 2010

Tears I Offer

I do not, scratch the bleeding tree..
For its tears, are not enough to go around..
I am a man ; Alpha, not steroid buffed up..
But all the same, same as, a man none the less..

I throw down banters, like the best of them..
With the rest of them, as the rest of them..
Medallions of paths walked, hangs set..
On my shoulders wear to show my stirring..

I am a man; emotions, promotion, demotions..
Into breakdown of uncontrollable..
When I am on my own
And rivers do flood to burst their banks  

Like two peas in a pod..
One leading to the other...
In actions taken, thereof
Composure falls like domino...

I know to stay clear from tears..
Such it is, that it triggers outburst..
Flooding my eyes, in IOU's..
In suppressed emotions  

That of fright, or loss..
That jumps me off my seat..
Like guilty conscience... 
Of post-traumatic calls 

But for compassion, passion
Allure, her beauty..
Shown by the delicacy of flowers..
I will spear a tear in trade I have to 

Trade offs, of trading places 
For her presence ADORED she is gone..
Stolen from us by the beast of man 
In such cruel manner robbed 

So I shed tears, out loud 
In public  I show such emotions 
For she is owed that, an Indian candle  
A blossoming flower caught too soon 


  1. Woww, fantastic writing! Truly beautiful! Rather speechless reading, such deep emotions. :)

  2. Always thought provoking. I love the line "I know to stay clear from tears.." Love the new background too.

  3. This is deeply beautiful, and full of loss and grief.....are you by chance writing about the young woman in India? It made me think of her. Beautiful, Kodjo. Truly moving.

  4. Well, I love reading of real men who show emotion. He certainly has reason to cry.


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