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Monday, 13 September 2010

Dear Love

When rivers run, and run and run...
Foreverness in flow, caught in the currents...
Denied the chance to know beginnings..

Riding currents, sat in the middle...
Time placed distance between..
I and the shoreline stretch..

And I rather the high currents, stand..
Solitary and guarded in trenches, dug..
As with the forts that stands on old century..
Long abounded by occupiers of before..

Then to the sudden breeze, southern breeze...
With strengths yet unknown, in depths of enigma..
Butterflies that flaunts, the status quo..

And breaths that pause on chests heart's realm..
Like the deaf with frustration of word; 
Stuttering, wait on explosions gasp..

It carries more frights,..
Than the high currents known..
To have surrendered to this feeling..
Summoned to know,  your butterfly's tender..

With strengths of the spider's silk..
Brought back to shoreline drawn..
To be at your love, in presence stand..
I love thee, in dear love told..

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