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Friday, 10 September 2010

Forever in Laughter

When we are out, "jostle" chasing forever
Rushed off our feet, on the go with workout 
After milestones set in blue prints, of plans 

And never with, enough time
To look back in mirrors reflection
Until we see a stranger, staring

Made of shadows, that walk beside us
To have become, our transformation
Of sparkles lost, on standby; forgotten

So to strategies set, on quest 
You are summoned to give due to "fragrant" smell 
To the little things in life's appreciation 

Don't be greedy, and steal a candy from the inner child  
Remember golden fishes that swim in tanks
Needs feeding, like joys and laughter, food to the soul 

Now have you seen my dentures 
I left them next to my walking stick 
I am in need of more, in "remnant" laughter 


  1. nice poem mate, loving the new look, superb :)

  2. Wow... this one spoke to my heart.. artfully spun

  3. I hear ya! The past seems so sparkly, doesn't it?

  4. Love this poem. Some line stand out for me "Of sparkles lost, on standby; forgotten" and "Don't be greedy, and steal a candy from the inner child" Nice humour at the end as well. Thank you.

  5. yes you have to stop to smell the roses. love the humour in the last line.


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