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Wednesday, 29 September 2010


Bloodhound, of  SSC..
Pushing past, fast adrenaline zest ..
Gravity of G-force,  felt in motion..

Life is time,..
Time strides past; fast..
Life is time, in on fast lanes..

Effort set on stages drawn..
Blink,  laid crossed, across ..
Past marks, jet propel, in seconds post

Four in numbers, of  football fields..
This thus distance gauged..
Marked out in bench mark set..

Blood Hound..
Made Engineering of
The spectacle drawn..
Breakthrough ground steps
By science, in beauty of maths..

Did you see that..
At a 1000 miles, in 3D thrust..
Not if thy sight..
Was otherwise engaged..

And we set records..
And we break records..
While sat in Euphoria.. 
Of Utopia's creations..

Man is a milestone..
Step in evolution..
Time and speed..
On excitement joy..

And in Bloodhound..
We break the sound barrier; ..
To have our names ..
On history stands..


  1. Your writing hurled me forward. Good job of creating speed with your wording, pacing.

  2. ha...securing that place in history makes it stand still for a moment...you capture the fast pace and movement well in this kodjo

  3. Excellent. Can we make time stand still if we go fast enough? I've seen these cars on TV, but never in person on the salt flats. An excellent vision to your words.

  4. Time does define us in ways that often go unnoticed. The fact that we can perhaps speed it up and go faster than fast sets our imagination on fire. What if we go faster than that, maybe we can outrace time itself and live longer, happier, in a world beyond time. Your poem has that desire as its heart, and I think the idea of making history is a perfect ending to your words.


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