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Friday, 24 September 2010


Decimals reciprocating..
Recipes of disaster..

And I am dammed and doomed..
Strategizing ways to climb..
Out of this pit ..
Of bottomless hole..

Wholly to be forgiven..
For my mere blinded ignorance..
Which fails to appreciate..

The dyer disastrous situation..
I find myself  in;..

In too deep..
I Say..
Who say?..
Who say..

Now, even failing.. 
To take note.. 
Of the voice within..
Who say?..

Stupidly asked, ..
With a commanding voice..
As if to get the better..
Of the one behind the voice..

But hold on, ..
Wait a minute..
A minute I said..

Indeed I am dammed and doomed..
For the voice I hear,..
In whispers, that whispers, whisper!..
Is a voice within, that speaks;..
Loud in whispers..

My inner voice;..
In hearing, to be volumized ..
My climbing steps, uplifted..
My sight seen, visualised in clear roads..

And now I know ..
In familiarity ..
With my inner voice, heard..
Loud in whisper...shhhh..

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