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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Judgement Stands

Am I to stand in courts..
Exchanging wigs with the hands of the law..
That dealt me a privilege to stand in docks..
He sits, robed up to cover his crime..

What stories his bed sheet..
Slept in, has to say; I wonder..
Sweats and mouths drips..
Left as evidence of what has been..
Said to the bleeding ears..
Of  the quite night..
Before he exiled..

Yet he is to throw the first stone..
Not for his lack of crime or sin..
He is not as white as snow..
More like cream, dirty white; one may say..
But to have been excused for the wig worn..

So he cast judgement on me..
And say “I am appalled by your crime..
And I sentence you..
To the duration of incarceration..
Throw him to the wolves"..

This should be a lesson to others..
The weight of the law has been...
Hanged over my neck..
By the man in robe, he wears a wig..
To announce, his authority on moral ground.. 

I stand on platforms stage..
To be thrown into the belly of acid waves..
Prodded by the swords of Edward Teach..
For he was the one with the judges wig...
He bared a beard that matched his robe..


  1. What's missing here -- by design, I think, is justice. Good poem.

  2. the difference being in where he sits while you stand...until you fall and he sits some more....nice one shot.

  3. Powerful poem.
    "I stand on platforms stage..
    To be thrown into the belly of acid waves.."
    very moving

  4. Wow amazing poem :D Let the judgement begin!=D, I love the strong message that is flowing through the poem :)

  5. Very interesting...you will wonder how the stone thrower has more sin than you do...but indeed society needs these stone throwers and all we can ask of them is a conscience that will throw stones and judge, not because of the wig that is on their head but because they really set the moral standards.


  6. Great poem Kodjo and powerful words, loved it~

  7. It reflects society everywhere. Very powerful.

    nowhere island

  8. Wow! The difference between the judge and the judged is little more than a wig. Cool poem.

  9. Nice one about being judged by not so white ones...
    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya

  10. Not to unduly dismiss your verse, which was terrific, but that wig picture gave me a flash-back of a Monty Python skit where two judges are in a dressing room removing their robes. (Hilarity ensues)

  11. the difference between the judge & the judged is self righteousness!!! are they really any better...argh i could really go on here...a great poem and thanks for sharing with one shot..cheers pete


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