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Sunday, 12 September 2010

My Sense of Smell

Flash, camera, action; frozen in stills..
Shadows of yesterdays reign..
Over-seeded by time of the now..
In minutes passing by..

Soldiering on..
Memory and scent do take a piece..
Like with the cake we ate yesterday...
Occasional remembrace of a smell..
To jog memories,in deja vu; a scent.. 

Oh how so missed such times spent..
With faded acquaintance..
And time do fly by fast..
With occasions to match..

And names of once known, into thin air..
But for the picture sitting, reshuffled ..
Into solitary confinement of incarceration..
Emerging to anoint with memories; that scent..
Once so dearly held, now lost to faded before...

And smiles, is set on sight that stare..
This time such memories, holds sadness too..
What became of old friends, after the fact..
Captured in time-capsules..

This time flash back, relapse.. 
Only last for a brief, in faded memories..
Overshadowed, up-staged ...
Like the guest who overstayed..

You've had your time in Saturday's summer garden..
Sunday is just set for, brief reflections in autumn.. 
In fading memories, gone by winter's cold..
Settings stages for Monday's spring..
Oh that smell of new, before flowers blossom 


  1. Love the line "scent of new, before flowers blossom"

  2. I love everything about your poem. The introduction is awesome and each stanza opens an olfactory memory box of my own. I really enjoyed the read. Thanks.

  3. Great to look forward to things that are nice and well. Your poem has all that. Excellent!

  4. Nice poem. The way smells are all around us and we like to remember smells that we like. We like to captue them. But smells, unfortunately like sounds and sights, can't be captured completely.
    I noticed a mistake though. I hope you don't mind.
    "To jog memories,in deva ju; a scent.."
    Here, the spelling is " déjá vu".
    I sincerely hope that I've not offended you by pointing it out.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I've spelt "captured" wrong in my previous comment. Sorry.


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