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Sunday, 12 September 2010

Birthday Cards

Sun shine stars..
On birthday cards..
And stars are born..
On the 12 of the 9th..

Two a pair, as a pair..
We are blessed to have bestowed ..
Separated by moons of 12..

And sparkles by nature..
Are rays,  from the stars..
Acts of smiles in radiant's flow..
And attitude to match in character of nature..
To have been born, with elegance..

What lies, installed..
For the angels of virgo...
House proud before ten..
And reads all, likes a good book..

Daffodils, oh beautiful daffodils..
Wild with grace, tender in flowers..
So much joy to share with all..
Graced to be, as it is to have you be..

And to the family..
Another calander to be opened..
This time next year, after another 12 moons 
What drama to have witnessed from you ..

With presents and candles..
Lighted up on cakes,..
Blow a wish, blow a wish, with air..

Oh star sign of lady Virgo...
Happy Birth Day to you ..
To Vienna and Yrammy..
You are so much loved by the family
You are as gifted to us all..

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