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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

The Chorus

Most people can sing 
#la la laaa di la
The chorus to songs

But just a few, a hand full 
Know the words, verses
To the rest, that makes the song 

And that is just reflective of life
Be it nature or habit, of the masses, 
Friend and humanity and I do explain, 

Who stays, who goes, 
Who hands down lip service, 
Who stood there maiming, 

Who said all the yesses 
In ticking boxes, 
Yet had non to offer

Who got freight, 
Said if only , really if only
"sorry mate, if only"

Hold on, hold on
Here comes the chorus
After the fat lady sang the verses
And a, 1, a 2, a,1,2 
#la la laaaa di la


  1. I love both the poem and the picture you chose to go with it! Thanks for leaving comments on my blog so I didn't miss it! :o)

    Rhyme Me a Smile

  2. and you know what happens after the fat lady sings...nice verse...

  3. lots of wisdom in your fine words kodjo..

  4. The rhythm of this makes me smile. I need to work on varying the rhythms in my own poetry! :)

  5. Yot gotta an imagination. The poem sings.

  6. love this,
    musical and playful,
    you make me smile!
    lovely poetry,

    link your poem to potluck tonight, have fun!

  7. "Who said all the yesses yet had none to offer" - very cool! I enjoyed the rhythm in this poem and the last stanza especially.

  8. Beautiful, words and imagery.

    Perhaps a reflection upon life......

    Best wishes, Eileen


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