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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Crazy Does, Right

Crazy does what crazy feels  
Half the time, as blind as a bat, don't bother  
The shrink, would have a field day with him 

I tell you, his lost it, his marbles, eject(ed)
I say, I say, his lost it 
Someone call the mad house 

Who would have thought 
A cup of coffee, to "render" an art  in form 
Creamed with shapes of leaves and   love

Crazy does what crazy feels 
To jump off a plane, on free fall 
Of mountain stands, blind as a bat 

To have the sponsors queue in line
To crest his attire, red-bull eager  
Who would have thought, such boldness could stand

Crazy does what crazy feels, parkour 
Jump off roofs, on rules book break, across Paris stand 
Like Notre Dame, on free run

He only went and got himself 
A role in the James Bond movie, Casino Royale 
Blind as a bat, crazy does, on no regard 

Who would have thought 
Such obscenity could stand, on audacity  
Where is reasoning, to rationalise such concept  

Crazy does what crazy feels 
Those boys, must have been, crazy right?
The Wright brothers, to have wanted to be bird like

And fly on wings, who would have thought 
The elite will be in queue, to join such craze
Never mind the masses, all on brain wash 

#come fly with me
#lets fly, lets fly, again 
#crazy right?

Crazy does, what crazy feels and "impact"
Half the time, blind as a bat 
Oblivious to the puzzles, argued on doubt

That sends shivers, worries, constant  
Down, the sane man's spine 
He examines to attest, on rational's back  

His intelligence to critic, on analyses made 
It is confirmed insanity, get the nut house ready
Informed them quick now, that crazy is to be locked 

Half the time, he is as blind as a bat
Who would have thought, crazy of all craze 
He went to the moon, as blind as a bat 
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  1. interesting way you use that one line to convey all.Well done.

  2. Crazy stuff! This reads like a free running thinker!

    Well told!

    House for Sale


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