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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Sending Messages

The call,  Yell out, fontom frun, frontom frun   
Drum beats, with smoke signals, blowing horns   
Calling all out, to announce, agoo, agoo 

If doves did wait, I would hold truce 
Not fearful of being shoot down 
I would have a message to be sent on signals 

Eventually I know you will hear me 
Echoes reverberates, bouncing off walls
So I hear myself calling 

Through messages sent, in the winds 
And its too late to retrieve chapters 
This is going to bring trouble 

Like a text message 
That should have never been sent 
On names attached 

Loosing signals, bars slowly dropping 
Loosing signals, will I still be heard 
Or misconstrued and be lynched 

Before the truth finally comes out, too late 
Yell out, fontom frun, fontom frun 
Drum beats, with smoke signals calling  

I hope this message 
Gets to you in meaning 
Before its too late
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  1. Message received. It can still be a chore in age of mass communication, can't it?

  2. Powerful message sent. Received!


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