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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Wearing Bankers Costume

Hey, Mr Banker, sat between metals 
On the fast lane, looking good , to "breach"  trust  
Looking down at the worker bee , I see you 

Fear mongering, with biggity, uppity, in attitude given  
I know an extinction of a kind, it burns "ember"  
I know your kind 

All emperors fall, like Rome , life is "tentative" 
Even high priest loose their status 
For taking the piss, mickey, my wallet  

And you think you are to be any different
Otherwise the wiser, holly anointed  
For you've been made the care taker of the blood line 

Holding chalices of society's veins  
Confused of your status given 
Acting like the naked king 

Why does the fool always think 
He can put a wool over my eyes 
Wearing costumes to fright 

We only just made you, saved you  
And no one crowned you 
Holding society to ransom  

On the account of your essence 
I know an extinction of a kind 
I know your kind, deja vu of a kind  

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  1. Powerful words I totally agree with.

  2. Ha! Good one. I especially liked the line "All emperors fall, like Rome."

  3. Yeah, clever stuff! Deja vu! Bang on!!


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