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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

A Foot In

The show must go on, I insist  
I bought a ticket   
I spent a penny, I am in for a pound  

A door way manifest in corridors, lurking    
Where once laid nothing, emptiness in silence    
Of visions in tunnels, no light in sight  

And a miracle is prayed for   
Trapped like a mouse on funeral service
In a sealed hole, trench warfare  

A door way manifest on corridors 
Bridging gabs between two worlds  
Like a wormhole, solidifying alternate universe   

And I am foot in, blocking closure 
The forces that be, will have to let me in
Before this door is closed , I swear

The gods must be joking 
To think otherwise; I doubly swear
Believe me, to think otherwise    

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  1. nice blog .plz follow my blog too..........


  2. Very interesting use of the prompt. Like this very much.


  3. An interesting ride in this one--fraught and a bit fearful--last verse left me looking over my shoulder...for ghosts, or something worse.

  4. hot dude...would love to hear this read...nice play on words, esp in that last stanza....

  5. I never did see that movie, just his face in that doorway was enough to put me off let alone the ax...
    Great prose from you on life and being strong enough to face it.

  6. Excellent, and totally different from everybody else's response to the prompt.

  7. insanely disturbing. Powerful Speaker trying to get out.
    I like the last line …to think otherwise….to think otherwise.
    this isn't Gerald McBoing Boing speaking, but close.
    freakily good poem. thank you.

  8. I have not seen this movie before but looking at this face should make it a fun horror show by the looks of him well done


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