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Friday, 7 October 2011

On Discovery Channel

Did the man who walked on rope 
Across pillars that stood so high up 
Look down and say I better grow wings 

What of the first ever to swim 
I mean with  all jokes aside 
Fins don't grow on legs, right  

Mermaids are just but fictional in character
And in reverse, what of the dolphin 
That first jumped, out of water to show it's playful side 

Boundaries are just the mind set hold
And yet after the threshold had been crossed 
The gates still stands firmly closed 

For the man who has yet to thirst 
With delight the intoxication of daring. 
He is yet to know the beauty of its magic 

Humpback whales  are not to be left out 
Observed  by how the fisher man's net 
Swoops so many in harvest in basket's bountiful 

He too joined in on adaptation 
In a pack blowing air bubble net 
A bumper harvest on home run

That was a beauty to be seen, if any 
Such intelligence, bravery
Of boundaries breaking 

I still can't swim but I have what I do
I have thirsted the intoxication of discovery 
Like an awaken mind

I know one day 
I will get to the swimming bit   
Its just a matter of time, an item on my bucket list
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