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Saturday, 15 October 2011

On What Basis

This is pay per view, like pay as you go 
So listen, on account 
That I make this a preview 

Mine comes in words, selected so few 
To summarise lessons in view 
And leave them in parables 

Not much needs to be said, wall street 
When flash lights  image emerge 
Like probe, of the subconsciousness

A thousand ignite, discontent with match  
Disapproval of the run 
By the powers that be 

Ten thousand more 
Become flammable with thought  
Watching politics, bankers in pictures view 

Rage of the common man
Cry of delusional futures 
Rome burns, New York and Japan, storm  

The elite gather their stock  
And they hold in captive 
Greek and Hungary hostage 

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  1. Love it, especially the last few lines.

  2. Nicely done Kodjo.

    Thanks for sharing with I Saw Sunday.

  3. Wow! A triumph of the people against the people we love to hate.

  4. Must admit, I hate crowds too! LOL


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