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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

A Place, A Time

A place, a time, a life in ways 
To act in deeds, hear, hear  
Here, here, a place to be   

I do not sleep standing up  
When there is a bed to comfort my rest  
Even elephants know to lie on their backs  

I will not walk on a treadmill  
With speed mark, set at 9 
I would have known trips and falls, like friends  

I will not swim on land  
Or run in swimming pools or any waters full 
I may try walking on a mustard filled pool  

Then compare myself to scriptures  
And say I walked on liquid  
Water with add ons  

But then the clean up will be messy  
So I will ponder before acts. 
A place a time, a life in ways to act  

I will dress for the occasion  
If winter gave me an invite  
Or sun shine blessed my day, rarity in England

I will have a smile, for my love 
And call her by pet names, unique 
For her the only right to have, pet names  

To own and no other 
She will know my smile, changing on emotion 
All the different ones, I never knew I had 

But she noticed to admire
A place, a time, a life, in ways to act 
Hear, hear, here, here

I will acquire the rightful stage 
For who I am, my rightful stage
With books I have stood on, to elevate my stand 

Robes, for ceremony on graduation 
Then after, a place, a time, a life in ways 
In my rightful place, I have acquired to be 

Hear, hear, here, here 
A place, a time 
A life in ways 

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  1. what an intriguing piece and pics to go with it...to know ones smile is a rather intimate thing you know...smiles....

  2. The repetition really adds to your piece, great run through of life as well.

  3. such a wonderful piece and I did enjoy the run through of life that you gave this great poem smiles that is important we should all know this

  4. love it,

    you have played well with the words and the images add power to your work.


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