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Friday, 21 October 2011

We Are The 99%

There is no democracy  "Limp up"
If my vote for the left or the right   
Leaves me out of pocket and without a job, no joke  

When the police see my right to demonstrate 
As an act of aggregation towards the state 
And not a wake up call to the cry of it's citizens 

There is no democracy when private institutions 
Puppet the machinery of society's  fabric 
To their own private gains, fooling the masses   

When secret organisations are formed  
Within governments and titled special privileged groups  
With a get out of jail card to walk on water 

And who is to take the moral high ground 
When the west sleeps in the same bed 
With all that, we as a civilised society, should stand against 

Are meant to be differentiated from  
There is no democracy when communism  
And capitalism blur the lines of who owes who, I O U  

So today, I will wear my Guy  Fawkes mask 
And march to Tahrir square, The Wall street, Hong Kong 
 Leicester square, in Greece, Japan, in Thailand 

For I am one of the 99 percent, left out
And I demonstrate for my right to be, let in 
To hold the institution of governance to account 
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  1. Nice poem, thanks for sharing.

  2. This is a timely poem and speaks to the passionate movement of the 99 Percent

  3. Incredibly topical, and very well written. You express the discontent well.

  4. marching crowds, powerful thoughts,

    thanks for sharing.


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