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Thursday, 13 October 2011

To See Olympus

You are here    
I was told about this place  
Rich with silk, on exotic plains  
Like the golden lands of Olympus 

Where olive and palm trees 
Shepherd the gate ways and gold poured out of fountains 
Cashmere was ordinary, for the common man

Rome stood envious, to be out done 
Her children were in charm, on stories told  
I was told about this place 

I was told about this place, 
Some bear witness to as paradise
Where the sun comes out to favour once delight 

As the guest of the king 
Waited upon
Served as royal   

I was told about this place  
Where the gods reside, by a traveller with status 
Who  said I had to see it with my own eyes 

But first she said I had to own bravery 
And cross the dessert to get to oasis, become like Thor 
Through dusk and dawn in cold winters night 

For the dessert laid riddled with wild beast 
And bitter men, stood as land pirates 
Who fed on travellers that voyaged past

I was told about this place 
Where I did have to face trepidation to get to 
And walk the lonely plank to test faith 

I was told about this place 
Where paradise laid waiting
You had to see it with your own eyes, I was told.  

Will another traveller, captivate 
Gathered men in-front of  open fire 
Me included, in amazement, to day dream of   

I wonder, or shall it be me , I 
Story telling, looked upon like a hero
Who made it past the beast, and saw Olympus to tell 
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  1. beautiful.

    Happy Poetry Picnic.

  2. Ah,you made me want to fly to Rome.Beautiful write.

  3. such a lovely write and yes Rome is so wonderful want to go back there again soon but I love the island of Italy where my friend lives


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