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Friday, 14 October 2011

Golden Life

I entered my room, 
Looked around and picked the fish food
I need to buy another, this one is almost empty 

A pondering question lingers on thought  
I see my golden fish, pompously sat 
They look so calm and carefree  

They near the tank, when I am on sight 
Opening their gob to be fed  
Like free session, always to be fed 

You see they got me thinking  
I am always thinking  
Do they worry, like I do  

Like the fish in the deep blue sea does  
With sharks around to feast on their essence  
And no one tasked to feed their hunger  

My pondering mind do wonder  
Sometimes in overdrive, always wondering   
My brain feels so warn on effect  

May be that is why oh surely why 
My golden fish bluffs so much, with easy life 
Demanding to be fed, feed us, feed us, feed our gob 

Anyway I need to get another food for them
The tank looks murky, needs some attention 
I would have to clean that too at some point 
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  1. You know, I never thought about it until now, but it WOULD be awesome to be a goldfish, wouldn't it?

  2. cute if it is so.

    creative thinking,

    share your work with us today, keep writing.


  3. Nicely done, interesting and light hearted take too! :-)

  4. smiles...maybe...they have no fear of being eaten so they look to you...smiles.

  5. I like how you take a banal incident in your day and extrapolate into a life philosophy.

  6. nice job, really interesting take on the prompt. Thanks for the read

  7. You know, I`ve wondered too...and I`ve been told I wonder too much! leads to some pretty good poetry though :) Enjoyed the share.

  8. A nice poem. Love the tercet stanzas. A clearly discernible message in this poem. Thanks for sharing.

  9. to have an easy life of a pet... looks like fun but no thanks.

    thanks for sharing this perspective...

  10. pompous fish.. Loved the way you followed the train of thought... I wonder how often our minds really do skit around like that... more than we think, I'm afraid. :)

  11. I have a Betta who rivals your Goldfish in his demanding ways! This light-hearted piece is very creative and visual. Thanks.


  12. nicely woven...wondering indeed what they're thinking... i'd rather prefer the insecure ocean than being fed..smiles

  13. I agree with Claudia, give me the ocean - nice philosophical write.

  14. With sharks around to feast on their essence -> isn't that what Occupy Wallstreet is supposed to be about?

    nice parallel to human life today.

  15. Pondering the essence mind of goldfish's mind. Brilliant.

  16. Excellent lines:

    "With sharks around to feast on their essence
    And no one tasked to feed their hunger"

    ~Shawna (arbitrarymeaning.blogspot.com)


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