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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Faded Tapestry

Drum rolls, pictures fade on project-al, slowly   
Faded memory of prime, lovers that came a' went  
There was a time, when I used to swing and lights sparkled 

Playing gallantry with the dance floor 
I made the earth vibrate down to its very core 
With such foxtrot moves, I conjured up tango and danced 

There was a time, in not too distance past
When my stands brought novation, adored, stage light bright   
And I charmed the most pessimist to believe in miracles  

Occasionally I walk past walls, such walls 
That once captured shadows of dance, in my prime 
In my prime, in my prime, oh in my prime 

A song in my heard, tap tap, foot movements 
Tempts a come back, with dim lights flickering 
And I heard an old soul calling 

My brittle bones, fights to escape 
This captive surrender, rose cottage signal signs  of an end 
I fight so I can be  a matador again, 

To bring shadows back to this life again 
To bring shadows back to this life again 
Drum rolls pictures fade on  projected walls 

Acro dance partners execute a Lawnmower, one o...Image via Wikipedia

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  1. It's like a dancer reliving their glory days. Nice picture too.

  2. Happy Theme Thursday...is this for 'old' or 'new'? lol.... I love that first photo...a little shadow of what they once were.

  3. I feel that way every time I walk up a steep hill.

  4. Hi Kodjo,

    Wonderful poem that describes how one feels as one grows older. It is true that when we look in the mirrors of our mind that we still see what once was. Then reality comes as we move to a new position with joints that are no longer new and free with our once flowing movements.

    Thanks for joining in on Theme Thursday.

    God bless.

  5. Beautiful poem, a tad sad but beautiful. Love the picture too!


  6. Wonderful photo! Wonderful poem!


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