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Saturday, 1 October 2011

Opposition (Free Verse)

I am the one they talked about 
Like prophecy see reasons
New seasons 

Find me in scriptures 
I  am whole made, holly  
Like the beam of moon light shine, full moon

Shown light, bright on  dark delinquency 
And they come running out 
Like bats hanged on ceiling, away from lectures 

Defecating in their habitats 
Negative energy of doubt 
Breathing deep breaths they take 

They just that, jesters you know 
But jesters are still welcome 
In the kings kingdom, open arms 

Know your place, amuse 
We all need a laugh 
Every now and then, so bemuse  

We consider such acts 
Amusing from opposition 
Tolerated for a reason 

They call our bluff 
To allow us reaction on mood  
So come out you jesters   
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  1. We must be in the same mood today...

  2. Yes, indeed. Bring on the jesters for we can all use a good laugh.


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