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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

The People's Manifesto

Thank you, thank you, thank you  
Ladies and gentlemen, please, please, be sitted 
To your attention I usher thee, presences  

Thus be, I am not into politics 
You talkative, attention   
You best know, believe  

I represent a Nation 
No, not a notion of fallacy, dreamt up 
Built on this here principles entangled 

Long lost before dawn, day break 
I don't have time for the buffoonery flaunted 
I see past, the promises  made to wow the crowd 

I feel the rain drop on my shoulders, sensitive  
My senses are sharpened , bright  
To detect blindness, my vote is with meaning, value   

I analyse their speeches, so wrong  
Irrational thoughts on subjects, baseless  
They lose their objectives, goal greed  

So I am not into politics, spinning 
To fall in line, with the party's manifesto 
I represent a Nation, to question the manifesto  

Hear, hear you wranglers of cooperate interest, listen 
This is to the house of commons, sense 
Parliament for the people in chambers

The house should not be at rest , rested
Work to be done. sweats and blood, sacrifice  
A Nation to build, hear hear, a Nation to build 

Note: Read the words in red as a  second poem on this page 
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  1. if only they hear what the people are crying and asking for....enjoyed the form and contrasting thoughts in each line.. very creative and well done ~

  2. Nothing is fair in war or, politics! Very thought provoking.

  3. Nice touch, utilizing the red text. Works well in the accentuation of the particular social themes. The work itself projects itself well - yet poetically - in that political address-like form.

  4. nice...though not in politics you speak what they need to hear and that is the voice of the people crying out...let yours be heard poet!

  5. I would like to know the official definition of fair. Seems to change depending on who your talking to and what the stakes are...pretty much sums up our world lately.And to build a nation that is fair and just...wow, there's a concept!but I'm rambling, which means you got this mind wondering!

  6. aint a damn thing fair in politics... very cool piece.. I read this a 2nd time only with the red words, & they spoke nicely by themselves as well.

  7. Interesting rant - working across the page both sides and inbetween. Good construction - constructive work! Thanks.

  8. The house should not be at rest , rested...yes...everyone need to say what should be said..be it in politics or wherever

  9. this piece rings so true in the world here today how it is that nothing is fair in war or even politics it seems that the governments are not for the people but only for themselves and the money they gain in the end from the small who line their pockets that is the way it is at home on the islands we pay to keep the people in office so they can make bad decisions for us and raise the price of all we need to just live with so we fight this war each day and nothing is ever fair

  10. Yes, up and down, side to side, anyway you look at it it's time to stop serving the interests of the few at the expense of the many! It sounds like we have work to do.

  11. contrasting imagery,

    thanks for the powerful talent.


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