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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Protestation, Why not

Sometimes in life, we prepare for a run 
Only a 100 yards or so to go, no biggie 
Have you seen him, with speeds like bolts, he is fast  

Then it turns out, he turned up, in the wrong boots 
This was his walking boots, or was  it his running boots  
Either way, it was the crawling shin pads, that was required 

Rules are rules, you have to crawl, it is the rule
To see the end in sight, in arm's lengths distance 
This should be easy, a run will do, I protest 

I protest, stuff to do, a run will do. 
I have too much stuff to do, busy me   
Why not a run, to get this over with  

Done with, done deal, gentlemen's handshake  
Then I will be out of your hair 
Then you will be out of my sight, o boy

Rules are rules, sorry sir 
Yours was to crawl, sorry sir 
Those are the rules, sorry sir 

It is the subliminal line 
That which you are to find 
That the end is just ceremonial, didn't you know, sir 

You missing the point, sir
The rules are the rules, yours was to crawl 
Go get changed, yours was to crawl  

So my friend, get down on you knees sir 
Crawl crawl  crawl, sir
Yours was to crawl, sir
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  1. Insightful! Inspirational!

  2. this poem reminds me of my favorite Alkaline Trio lyric: "I can walk, but I will crawl there." Indeed, very much indeed.

    viva la


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