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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Touch Wood

Touch wood 
If I ever, touch wood  
Say so, say no , touch wood 

 Just in case, the case evolve 
 Found myself, deeply involved   
Enlisted, like drawn in, enrolled on 

Blemish, they say, I have got, shadows 
Double, they walk, beside  
Hanging on my, in my, foot steps 

Clouds, they form above 
Thunder the sound to announce 
Lighting they strike to inflict 

Pain it's felt so deep  
Cuts, within the skin  
Bleed, within the cuts 

Falls, stumble without a stop 
Down, without a break 
Bruises to define the fall , define the fall 

So just in case, touch wood  
Just, just in case, to avoid 
Do without the bad luck 

The bad luck

 #I don't wanna see the rain 
#come down, to drench, before 
#I am ready, I am ready 

#and I don't wanna be, caught out side 
#when the storm inflict 
#no, no,no 
#no, no, no
#no no no no

# not before , I build my shelter 
#and I am ready 
#I am ready, I am ready


  1. Just here looking for a thrill.... :)

  2. Hi Kodjo,

    Not really sure where the saying came from that says to "Knock on wood." to scare away bad luck but it is funny how many of us do this. Thank you so much for reading and posting the video of you telling us the poem.

    Also thank you for playing Theme Thursday. Lots of thrilling stories being told.

    God bless.

  3. very nice, like the way you write..


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