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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Carpets do fly

Windows close, doors and shatters following suit
The full moon out and slowly emerging 
From the darkened forest, the dream killers

Assertion held on doubters belief 
Sent in like the anti-Christ 
To foil green shoots of germination, the dream killers

Haters basking in the doubt of man, dream killers
Spinning wheels to elevate their progression
Like cancerous disease, chipping away on the mind, woodpecker's role 

Holding firm assertion of disbelief
Without feathered wings, how is man to fly, dream killers
Cynical sentiment on every new turn  page

It is just that time of the month, hold your horses
The moon is out, it will soon pass, for garlic repel vampires 
And the rough seas will mellow down on dream killers rage


  1. I really like how we get so many ideas out of one photo. Everyone interpreting it differently.

    viscous time

  2. Spooky.. I am scared now!!!

    The moon is out, it will soon pass, for garlic repel vampires..

    will keep this in mind- i didn't know about this..
    Hail garlic ;)

    Love xx

  3. And i almost wish to find one "Edward collins" for me ;)
    Think i will skip garlics then :D

  4. "Sent like the anti-Christ" is such a powerful metaphor. Nice, piece.

  5. Ooohh..gave me quite the chills.. I think I even heard a hooowwwwll outside my window.. OR maybe it just my mind playing tricks on me.. Besides, you mentioned vampires.. not werewolves.. whheeww!!
    Thank God for those garlic cloves at home!!

    Enjoyed this one, K!!!


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