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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Pi r2 , Mr Kipling

For the attention 
Of the, talented Mr Kipling
Bake a pier, bake a pier 
Bake me a pier. 

Pi r squared
Is some formula in maths, 
Gathering nuts like the 
Squirrel in numbers added

Attainment gained. 
While Kipling is tasked 
To bake me a pier. 
Exceedingly good, it best be

If in social science, philosophy
Rational is defined,
As not near being reality
In connecting the dots

That makes chaos 
The order of the day. 
And the politician 
Never told a lie, don't lie

He was just in opposition
Like a peeping tom 
In arm chair rules 
The sun burns, he who walks in it

Even maths can sometimes 
Leave us, with decimals  3.14159265358979
I see you rounding up figures to 2.
The nearest 2, forget the rest 

Pi r squared is a formula in maths 
Now where is my cake, my crumbs 
I just made it past the post 
Bake a pier, bake me a pier 

Note: Mr Kipling


  1. Wow !!! you have wonderfully combined Pier kipling pie and the 3.142pie...great..

    'Even maths can sometimes
    Leave us, with decimals 3.14159265358979
    I see you rounding up figures to 2.
    The nearest 2, forget the rest '

    Super...I love these maths poems...

  2. hahaha nice pies and math! 2 of my favorite subjects! thumbs up!

  3. yummy message sent here...
    welcome and happy Rally.

    pie and pi are so similar in sound and we can have fun doing poetry with them.

  4. Genius and scrumptious!



  5. interesting piece of work! here's my wk 39.. http://fiveloaf.wordpress.com/2009/11/17/regret/

  6. I really enjoyed this. I love your lines about rationality. Funny concept isn't it? Being someone who studied bout computer science and philosophy it really is interesting to see how incompatible the two definitions of the term really are.. Well written.

  7. Being from the U.S., I had to look up "Mr. Kipling," and learned all about his cakes and pies! I initially thought you were referring to the poet Rudyard Kipling, but that made no sense in your poem at all! I love learning things about other cultures. This was quite a funny poem and also very clever!

  8. lol, this was like mathematics in the bakery ;) :D lol.. nice one KD..

  9. Thanks for sharing this one for the rally! And thanks for the note--I'm unfamiliar with Kipling pies and had to read the poem again a second time after I realized you weren't referring to Rudyard--it cleared up a lot of mysteries in the first readthrough! I love the play on words you have with pi and pie--a fun piece.

  10. Crumbs...I was always rubbish at Math, but I love your Pie and you poem!

  11. Pi - a wonderful ratio! If you like rhyming with Math, you might like http://www1.teachertube.com/viewVideo.php?video_id=119908&title=Mathmaticious

  12. wow...

    Thanks for the wonderful word play.

  13. I have to agree with Elaine! I've always been sucky with anything mathematical. I still have nightmares about being chased by the E=MC2 thingamabobbie chasing me through the university halls like pac-man after a tasty treat!
    Well forget about that. LOL! I actually enjoyed your poem and found that maybe numbers and math don't have to be so scary after all.
    May you have a wonderfully blessed day.



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