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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Multiple Choices In A Hat

I saw it in a mirror
I saw it on my face
So I stack my hands in a hat
And made a choice, like lottery 

Will I run like a stallion
If I had leg muscles like horse 
Break the land record of 
Jamaican  man Bolt 

Will I sing like Pavarotti 
If a had a voice 
To fill an opera house
And capture an audience 

For standing  ovation, 
I bow back with gratitude 
You are beautiful

Thank you, thank you
Thank you all 
For coming this evening 

When I was young, I was asked
What I wanted to be when I grew up
Like pick a path in a bowl of choices 
And that becomes yours to have 

So many Doctors and lawyers 
Everybody wanted to be 
But hers is not a dream 
On court stands, no your honour 

I better not break the law
For few I know 
Are sworn to the Bar
To wear wigs to defend jail birds 

What do you want to be, when you grow up 
And when you did grow up
No doctors line up to queue 
Like hands up in classrooms "all the Doctors"  

Open early morning doors
On alarm clock wake 
To start a day on career hours
'Oh he does get on my nerves'

Did dreams come true
Picked in a hat of multiple choices
Of childhood ambitions
"When you grew up"

What did you want to be 
When you grew up 
I am not a poet
A blogger as a hobby,
My soul food to feed

For now that is
I play with words
To test meaning 
In comments made


  1. I think so many of still wonder what we will be when we grow up. I made a decision years ago getting my doctorate, but every few years I change what I do just a bit. I love the change and the challenge. I love not being pigeon-holed and taking what I've done, tweaking it and going further. This poem sparked a lot! Thanks.

  2. What a wonderful take on the indecisions of "what will I be when I grow up". Enjoyed this piece.

  3. Not sure if I like it or not.........he he

  4. great poem here... I wanted to be soooo many things growing up.(& still growing) heh

  5. All grown up, and gracing the world wide web with skill...so many things we want to be when we grow up, it's always interesting to see where life actually takes us.

  6. Enjoyed the final stanza very much - For now that is
    I play with words
    To test meaning
    In comments made

    There is a lovely sense of irony here

  7. What we do and who we are can be polar opposites. Very nice.

  8. my desires changed as i grew...did i want to be a blogger...actually 2.5 years ago i did not even want to be one and only started under pressure from a friend...i thank him now...

  9. Of many things I had wanted to do, I had wanted to blog- alright. Only didn't know that I would become a blogger..

    I am darn happy with what I am!!
    Hugs xx

  10. I too really liked the ending. Whatever else you do...you do blogging well and I hope this comment bodes well with you. Peace. By the way, when I grow up I want to be a more contented version of me.


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