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Monday, 21 March 2011

War Is Bad

Sword fights, commands 
Chaos and anarchy into play
The innocent always surfer


  1. Anarchy and lawlessness are miseries and embroil the poor innocent!! Your three lines are very powerful and meaningful too!!

  2. The innocent do always suffer.

  3. Sadly, the innocents are the ones who suffer.

  4. and yet we still fight...so sad and true.

  5. Always, the innocence suffers the most.

  6. we all suffer, we are all diminished

  7. Short, to the point, and very matter of fact. A style I admire and try to use myself. One should be careful with words like 'chaos' and 'anarchy', though. I say this only because chaos is what creates the order we know as our existence, and the true definition of anarchy doesn't involve fighting at all. I do like the piece! :-)

  8. I am researching a sword for my friend and the picture you have for your poem is the only picture I can find of his sword. If you could please let me know were you obtained that picture I would be great appreciative.


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