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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Citizen Ghanaba

Hear hear, at long last, 54years to have come by, do account
To have gone past, birthday candles blown off
The battle has just started, chase games on milestones
Of give the gift and see what becomes of it

Siblings battles on who rules the nest, on electoral votes
This land is from royalty, it's people made to know
The true value of the land, they inherit, they stand on
Gold coast by foreigners call

If that was just for the land, the people theirs to add
Ghanaba, Our forefathers left symbols
Adenkra, kente, drum beats and stories told, to show our greatness
Our brothers built on that and labelled us citizen Ghanaba

With pride 54years to this day, Ghanaba, on freedom and justice
Sent radiated admiration when people hear and say
Ask, "are  you from Ghana, I know a very good Ghanaian friend"
Citizen Ghanaba stands with pride, to delight, do dellight a yes reply, indeed I am

On self reflections, chase games of give the gift and see what becomes
Gold, cocoa and a few more goodies
54 is young in the age of a country "tantrums"
54  to have just gone past the terrible two "bickering"

Another gift is added, happy birthday presents with black gold
And the educated majority, do speak their mind, "it is our prerogative"
The chase players, now know, citizen Ghanaba will speak his mind
She knows what she richly deserves, "it is our right"

So after the birthday candle lights goes off on 54
What's on offer for citizen Ghanaba after?
Know the educated majority
Know to speak their mind, so hear hear, do account 

1 comment:

  1. ouch! this is the call...we all have to be accountable I think, but at times some seem to never have to :(
    Happy Monday!


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