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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Off On A Tangent

Nothing new under the sun
This I hear on repeat play
"There is nothing new under the sun"

Took me a while to digest 
Such sentiments, to rational, "you rationalize" 
I mean; do explain, please do tell

Such confused statements
To have authored with bold
Without reference made, what authority 

So for a while I sat, to mine meaning
I had to, such parables, puzzling puzzles 
Haunt me to find meaning, to free my thoughts 

Is it for the primary element of sentiments 
That such boldness are authored 
For it could not be for all things 

To spit in the face of inventions
And great minds celebrated 
I could not phantom common grounds 

But the 60's are back, the 80's too
On cat walk and to the masses  
Boots and skirts," to the moon" walk of Micheal  

And it is on realisation, of what already does exist 
We deem as discovery celebrated, discovering America  
Like gravity, and relativity as laws

OK so to some reference given 
But none for inventions made 
Like microchips and light bulb flash LED 

Yet I find such grand statements, too bold to stand
But for emotions, I will have to allow
For lust, love, grief and joy, betrayal too.

There is nothing new under the sun
But for the occasional asteroid fall 
And man's desire to invent wonder 
From the elements that surround 

And as with poetry
I would have to allow romance 
To be the defining notion, war and peace  
There is nothing new under the sun 

What is that stack under my boot?


  1. That photo of the bear at the picnic table is hilarious! Is the shoe your sepia entry? lol. :)

  2. Don't know what this has to do with Sepia Saturday, but if this is the bear pondering its lot in life and the world as it sees it I'm loving it.

  3. A bird's eye view I've heard of; now a bear, it doesn't bear thinking about. I enjoyed this.

  4. that bear has some DEEP thoughts! :)

  5. cute bear.

    lovely humor.

  6. This stanza really worked for me. Because after all, we can make plans, but nature and life find a way to get in the way.

    Yet, there is always wonder.

    There is nothing new under the sun
    But for the occasional asteroid fall
    And man's desire to invent wonder
    From the elements that surround

  7. I love your voice. Your poetry has an ebb and flow that is natural and unpretentious. Very well done!

  8. Nice job. I am always amazed at how you work the prompt into your poetry and not make it sound contrived.


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