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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Mirrors Reflections

Pictures paint a thousand words "loud"
Beauty of  riches, stories
It holds to tell, bares for all to see

Not all of them to be taken 
On word, sorry to spoil it all for you
Pictures paint a thousand lies 

Persuasive air brush, photoshop, to suit deception
Tabloid, mags, before a' after, to fool the masses
Glamour misspelt by notions painted

Teenagers "poor child" buying into illusion
Falling into lines of dominoes , they all fall down 
Ads, as facts; spin doctors, puppet masters "strings" 
Pin up posters, of flawless drawn 
Celebrity culture and plastic skins under
Content lost on the face of  fantasies glitter

Pictures paint a thousand words
Be wise enough, enough to know 
What is what, like what is lies

Looking into mirrors reflection
Pictures paint a thousand words
And flaws are natures own gift to bear


  1. There aint many flws in that picture, or this poem. ;D Shah .X

  2. Pictures are like a dialogue of thoughts and feelings! Interesting poem!

  3. So very true, and great words.

  4. Sheilagh Lee said: Pictures paint a thousand lies so true. Very well written poem.

  5. Pictures are more of a deception, far away from reality.
    Wonderfully written :D

  6. Like the lead-up stanzas, love the end-stanza.

  7. Kodjo, Always enjoy your poetry. The last stanza is one I shall remember ...Clara

  8. Well done. Nice commentary on the way the media manipulates us.

  9. remember back those early photos... of people with their stone faces as if they were at a funeral...

  10. very wise poem. its a golden truth thats hidden in that poem- the outer coating hides the true worth of quite a large number of people.



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