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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Friend Oh Friend

Friend oh, friend; you know, some people
Some people, are known a life time long
Some come and go, and lost to memory
Some stay to love, tickle and care they do

You see, some people
Some love to be loved, have to be loved
But none to give, in short-change  greed
Those I call my "favour friends" always in after gains

Some people I know, some people
Break all boundaries with breeze
And in an instant, life long friends, to have become 
Oh friend, oh brother, to walk shoulder to shoulder 

Some people, you know some people
 Never make it past acquittance 
We laugh and joke we share a path
But never the same, as bonds to be had

Some people , Oh, some people
Are just eluded by empathy  
Always just a step short away
Always, lost on intent did

Some people 
Are known a life time long
Some I keep a watchful eye on
Slippery things they are

Some are just mellow, some people
Breaking all boundaries, beautiful people
To show their care a' want for none in gains

Those are the  friends I love to have
I will build bridges to where you stand
To you some people, just to you


  1. I loved this ... and I loved the last line!

  2. A very good summary of friendship. A very good poem.

  3. sheilagh Lee said:Beautiful written and deeply felt "I will build bridges to where you stand"

  4. Beautiful! "I will build bridges to where you stand". What a lovely sentiment for a friend to express.

  5. We wrote similarly today, K.D.! Yours is so detailed and sentiment-filled.
    Here's mine:

  6. It's absolutely beautiful.

  7. Friends come in all variations :)

  8. Life-smart, good-flow, relatable piece.

  9. I love poems inspired by watching people and their relationships. Thanks for your thoughts.

    The Poetry Bin


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