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Sunday, 27 March 2011

What Is Waves

At the edge of the shoreline
The journey of the waves end
It has travelled far, like Columbus 
To finally end with the sounds of splash 

Crystal sparkles sparks the sense of life 
And if you look closer, you did see diamonds 
While Venus and Mars looks on to earth 
And wonder why not them with such bless

The waves have travelled far
Energy seen in forms of visibility 
Denied us that of sight by radio to micro waves
But for the sea waves, I see energy in form

If energy can never be destroyed 
As the saying goes, and science accept
And I do believe this as so 
What becomes of that, that rides the seas

If energy is made of man
Do ours join the surfers of the sea waves
After we die, to hear the faints whispers
Of old beings, on orchestra splashing the shorelines 

I heard my grandmother speak to me
I heard a thousand more sing to me
On the beach, where waves do end
I saw energy in form


  1. I love this.

    "After we die, to hear the faints whispers
    Of old beings, on orchestra splashing the shorelines"

    Nicely done.


  2. As we saw a few weeks ago, waves can be full of energy. Nice take on the picture prompt.

  3. nice...love the waves bringing the voices of those long gone...at the edge of energy...i feel it...nice...

  4. Can truly feel the ebb and flow on the shoreline of memories of those gone like the tide... feeling the energy of time itself passing.

  5. Makes me asks questions, I ask a lot of questions about life and death, guess we never get the answers, but the tide certainly keeps ebbing, nice clarity to this write.

  6. Heavens, that is just gorgeous and I love those last two stanzas. Nice work!


  7. Some lovely, stirring descriptives here, and potent thoughts - ""After we die, to hear the faints whispers
    Of old beings, on orchestra splashing the shorelines"" - gave my soul a shudder. Memories and time, voices come and gone...clear, lovely piece.

  8. Good lead-up, love the end-line/summation.

  9. Unusual touches of language and your sense of orchestration make this a very meaningful poem.

  10. I truly believe water is alive. Always have and some scientist have even proved now that it 'reacts' to our kindness to it, or not.
    A lovely write from you covering both it and it's energy.

  11. The energy is palpable in this fluid work.

  12. Energy in for....so true....both scientific and beautiful! :-)

  13. beautiful words on waves.



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