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Thursday, 10 March 2011

The Third Dimension

I was born in parables,
Where the hour glass sits at dawn
The first Son of Gurjonbec
The day of my birth, was declared a holiday

My name forbidden to be used 
By any other in the Kingdom
For those that came before me
Had their names changed

Kings and Queens,
Came from far and near
Upon the announcement of my birth

Gifts were ushered on me
By the three wise men
And before my first birthday
I was made a ruler

Born an Emperor, the boy ruler Tutankhamen
Worshipped by Kings and Queens
Guided by Prince and Princess
Silk on cashmere to have as ordinary

It was a commanding rule
That I be kept happy at all times
With maiden ladies, with eyes of eagles

To ensure, my state of being
State of mind, always remained happy
A King's law, taboo to be broken

Trading Places
Flip of the hour glass, 
Changing guards 

Alternate reality in transition
Sounds from the distance, louder it got
Till my world as it was, came to be no more

Rags, Rats and Riddles
Of a worsening situation surrounds me
Stench, Dirt , Death and Brutality

Is the sea of ocean I swim in
Slowly as I drawn, begging awakening 
Still trying to make sense of surrealism 

If this was a dream, I  pray 
I did wake before I drawn
But which one to have been the dream

I ask,
Which of these two worlds is my reality
Trading places and alternate reality

Was this a dream on dream
Only to have woken up
In a third dimension

Where my world, reality is made 
From the intersection of two extremes   
Which of these, holds ground as my reality 

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