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Sunday, 20 March 2011

My Bird Of Paradise

A bird I see in my window, my Bimbi bird 
She sings a song of love awaking
She wakes me up from sleep

Every day, it's the same bird
Every day it's the same calling
That wakes me from sleep

Her feathers are made
Of fine attire, this is elegance
In canival colours, to reflect her heart 

If the heaven did have a voice
It surely would  be the sounds she makes
And every day she calls on me to wake

My sweet awakening
My bird of  paradise
And everyday, she gives me joy to wake


  1. Thanks for this beautiful start to the day.

  2. That picture is exquiaite and your words just add to the overall effect!

  3. I like the image of the bird so much. They are indeed god's gift to the earth.

  4. Good versifying, great picture.

  5. Very sweet - what a beautiful way to wake up.

  6. This is just beautiful! Nothing better than nature to enjoy life with.

  7. awww...what a tender and beautiful take ont he bird...i would not mind waking up to that every day...

  8. ah yes a bird in the hand...is worth...never mind...is peace producing calm.

  9. Oh, this is so sweet! I love birds!

  10. bird of paradise, how cool,

    enjoyed the sentiments very much.
    keep sharing.


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