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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Repeat Sentences

I know so many words
From alphabets in letters play
To make words

I know so many words
Put together in form to form sentences
Phrases, into wise sayings

I know so many words
I say so many words I know
Put together to forms, in phrases, analysis 

But then mine got quoted, to me 
In wise saying, reversed order
Bequest advises, that I had

I was referenced in  a speech
Speaker's words spoken
By another directed at me, at my attention

I was referenced in  a speech 
To be the recipient of advise, "be attentive" 
Of lessons to learn, from words of wisdom

Then I asked with surprise, the wisdom it held 
To know the author of
Such wisdom, 'who said that'

"You did", replies in consequential 
"You did, don't you remember"
Replies ripples, echoes through ear drums
Sudden light switch in brain matter "awareness"

I know so many words
Like the preacher with verses
But some times, it all becomes foreign to comprehend  
Until repeat sentences,  I know so many words

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  1. I think a lot of poets and writers can relate to this. Sometimes wisdom passes through the mouth but to recapture it's essence can be escapable. Nicely written.

  2. Hello Kodjo
    My name is Nana Yaw Sarpong and i work with writers project of Ghana. I'd like to invite you to a programme. Please get in touch via my email osarpong@gmail.com

  3. Oh I just realised that you are in the UK. Ooops

  4. In one ear and out the other, as they say...that is the curious thing of knowledge, and wisdom, writing, too; so much coming at us, it can be an overload. The mind forgets. Everybody's quoting everyone else...we can even forget ourselves in the shuffle. The wisdom's still there, but it can be lost - grow foreign - in life's shuffle.

  5. smiles. dont you love it when your words are returned to you...ha...at least you were good enough to quote eh? and now you can recapture your own wisdom...

  6. I love this! I think I know the feeling.

  7. Funny how your own words sometimes take you by surprise. Well done!

  8. Sometimes we are really taken aback at what we was hear from others..esp. when told that it WE who said that in the first place...
    I've sooo been there.. whheew!!

    hehehhe...very very well written, my friend!!


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