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Friday, 18 March 2011

True Colours, " Broken Earth"

The spirit of the people 
Few I know can look in the eye of oblivion
And keep their calm, in the face of adversity 
To have kept their cool, they are with patience 

In my backyard panic riddles rules
Like birds flight on stone throw
And the shops go empty
From the word go

On rush, no bread, no milk left, panic buy
On the weather man's call "snows expected"
Self preservation becomes the order of the day

Few I know, can hold onto dignity
They panic, like nut case, to default of craze
But for the people of Japan my hat goes off to

Who queue in patience, no rush necessary  
To epitomise civilisation, to be defined by act
After earth's tantrum, lay siege on their hearts

Not to have been defined
By default of chaos on panic attack
They kept their cool, in the face of  nature's raft
To define their being

So for the people of Japan my hat goes off 
You are more than just ordinary
My prayers for you, everyone must
My hope for you, a better tomorrow


  1. I liked your beautiful writing and lovely blog...great creative work. Love it :)

  2. Very beautiful! Yes, the mark of a highly evolved people, they endure, they help each other, they stay calm. My heart has been heavy since this happened, for the beautiful people of Japan. Thank you for your very wonderful poem of tribute to them.

  3. I salute them too for that!
    Thank you for expressing it perfectly :)

  4. Yes, our hats off to the people of Japan and our hearts full laden.

    Wonderful homage. Kindly considered.

  5. Few I know, can hold onto dignity
    They panic, like nut case, to default of craze- I know this very well!

    Prayers and wishes.. I hope this doesn't happen to anyone anymore ever..

    Peace xox

  6. yea- and really they amazes me with such restrain and patience in face of adversity.. great write kodjoo and thanks for sharing this! here's mine.. http://fiveloaf.wordpress.com/2010/01/25/paper-scribbles/

  7. sad portrayal of Japan,

    well done.

  8. I am in awe of the people of Japan...the courage and dignity I see. They are inspiring and in my prayers.


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