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Saturday, 5 March 2011

My Time Keeping

For the sun made me so
The sun is to be blamed, I say

The Sun, the sun,
Takes a minute of my time,
Adds a minute, on agreed ran-de-vou

See Man;
Let me explain
In tutorial's lectures,
Of body clock's weakness, in the sun

I am not from Germany or be it Japan,
To be accustomed, a seat on trains,
On the dot of time, and be made
A stickler for time, in time keeping

So I say 5,
But to be, there an hour after, later
For I was born in a sunny place
Where batteries are slow in Swiss watches

And the sun deprives me
Of tic toc, on the dot,
Of time keeping, in stickler
My legs, on energy conservation

What time, on arrows point
Are we to meet?
Five, right 5, you sure 5
Make it 5:30 in awaiting

And hold back till then
On tempered frustration,
Better to start late
With that, on that account, me dear

Believe me, I will still make it,
In the ish of 5ish
Not for me, a stickler for time.

I was born in the sun
And the sun is to be blamed
For my time keeping

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