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Friday, 11 March 2011

The Weather Man

The season is long
Night and darkness
Day is missed

Could it be that the weather man 
Forgot to change the plugs 
On last year's sun fuse blown

This is what powers day
He went to bed a' left 
Darkness to gloom on light

Spring is late,
The sunbirds are not heard 
Singing in such sweet voice, known

Silver and gold can not
Buy the need of man
Too many of us to satisfy

The season is late, 
The sun, the giver of life 
Is much needed 

For the candle of life 
Is on the brink of burn out, 
It sits in flicker of melted wax 

And few walk with smiles 
On their face like holiday, 
The weather man is to be told

Spring is late, joy is owed
Happiness in tow
Flowers to blossom


  1. powerful and thoughtful poem.. Smiles..

    Someone is Special

  2. love this one,

    beautiful twists of thoughts, well done.


  3. May spring arrive quickly for you ...it's autumn here!
    May the weather man plug in the sun and warm your heart and bring smiles.

  4. An ethereal take on the prompt!
    A very beautiful song I feel it is.. :)

    For the candle of life
    Is on the brink of burn out,
    It sits in flicker of melted wax .. intense and just right to express the feeling..

    Hugs xxx

  5. That was a poem filled with the most beautiful thoughts and expressions!! Loved every line you expressed and was so much like a song. Hope you are seeing better days and spring is just around the corner!!

  6. Spring is late this year. Nice piece.

  7. So that explains it! I hope the fuse gets changed soon.

  8. When he is entrusted with some responsibility, he had better not "forget" to plug in the fuse on time... whheeww.. But at least I CAN hope that Spring will be here soon...

    What a beautifully woven poem, Kodjo.. bravo!


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