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Saturday, 5 March 2011

Say No To Rhyme

We don't want no cheesy rhyme
Hee how, hee how 
Oh lay hee hee
Oh lay hee hee
Little lay, little lay, hee hee

Little lay he, little lay her
Riding tumbling; on the horse ride, back
Falling climbing, back again
Hee how, hee how
We don't want no cheesy rhyme

Oh lay hee hee, with the moo moo moo
Little lay her, little lay he
Hee how hee how, cow boy, hee haa
Said  no more, no more cheesy rhyme

Oh lay hee, Oh lay hee hee
Little lay hee hee
Hee haa heee haa, 
Bring all the cow back home
Ok maybe just this one time only


  1. Yip-ee I ay...or however it goes! Nice poem it flows so well and is just a happy morning blessing!

  2. Reminds me of the TV series of Rawhide from years ago.

  3. This is too much fun. I'd love to see it set to music.

  4. I can see the trail boss getting very suspicious as he watches his crew each evening as they sit around the campfire drinking fermented cactus juice. Each cowboy must ad his own verse until they're all stinkin' drunk and it becomes a series of burbs and rolling on their sides laughter. Head em up, move em out!

  5. That is quite some rhyme. Memorable stuff.


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