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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The big search

What does a flower, a butterfly 
A bird, have in common with awareness  
Does it matter what bird  

What flower, what butterfly it is 
Preferences are made to elaborate 
Colours are chosen to ritualise   

With definition, prescribed 
Does it matter 
What awareness of  shade 

What mood is depicted in subtle  
Softness of a tempo 
A melody, a vibe, adjustment of lights 

An alternative to neon's artificial 
Turning down, opting for the moon 
Over the sun's illumination  

Allegiance with candle flames
A guru's mat, a searcher 
Getting off fast lanes, street lights 

A garden of thought 
Meditating on waterfalls and trees 
Stone sculptures and tranquility 

An Arabian tent, a Moroccan rag, an African mask 
An Indian spice, scent and colour 
What is meaning, if I am to ask 

And definitions and answers, requisite 
To unknown questions and religion's purpose 
What are we searching for 

What is so obvious, yet unnamed 
Unknown, but for the awareness 
Of missing enigma, in definition  

Of self, a stranger in the mirror 
Does it matter, what bird  
What flower, what butterfly it is

On a sabbatical 
A journey of discovery 


  1. no that does not matter as much as the journey...

  2. A lot to think about here!

  3. Very nice flow of images.

  4. You bring us very close to that which we are looking for in this meditative poem, Kodjo.

  5. A philosophical discourse that asks many questions of a journey of self-discovery - questions essential to returning from that journey without illusion.

  6. So many questions and many without answers. Many mysteries indeed.

  7. So mystique. Nice to speculate on the points there. It made me dreamy and calm! Thanks.

  8. A journey of discovery indeed....this is beautiful Kodjo! :-)

  9. it does start with awareness... many go about their day and don't have this basic "first step".

  10. Your questions in poem form are quite thought provoking ...

  11. quite a read ...I think I can read this many more times...


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