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Monday, 23 April 2012

Marathon of life

Un-dust your running shoes 
And find lungs that can take the strain 
Of what we are about to bare wetness to 

How far ahead can your vision reach 
When stones are thrown, cast as a measure 
On scales set, for bench marks eyed 

Slow down your horses and their eagerness
All that energy would be needed for endurance 
The test, starts at the halfway point 

And he who sets off, first in a rush, fast 
Is not guaranteed to come first in finishing posts 
On a marathon with a stretch so far, holding breath 

I will see you at the finishing posts 
If you make it to the finishing posts 
If you ever get there, words are not good enough 

And I would always choose a Kenyan 
Over Usain Bolt for the marathon 
If history is to serve me right 

1 comment:

  1. Kodjo great rhymes man , i agree, its not a race , after all, we used to be fish !


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