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Monday, 2 April 2012

A worm catcher

In my room I am sat 
I am an egg laid in a nest 
I am a hatched egg in a nest 
In where I sit and I am fed full with worms 

I am a bird in a nest on a tree 
That hangs above a river of life 
Filled with the worms, I feed on for feast 

I am a bird sat in a nest 
Lately I have come to realize  
That the worms in this river are dwindling 

I am a bird sat in a nest with wings 
I am  a bird with wings to flap 
So why do I starve of worms 

I am a bird sat in a nest 
In a distance, not past on visions 
I see worms in bountiful river shorelines

The comfort of this nest 
Will not be a cage, a chain 
Holding me down

I am a bird with wings to fly 
I am a worm catcher, so I fly, I fly 
Will you come fly with me


  1. well done...thanks for sharing your words

  2. Its important to know what you are , great stuff Kodjo

  3. Every bird needs courage.
    Nice write.


  4. like the transition from reticence to determination


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